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Brand Awareness vs. Brand Perception:
The Significance of Being Known

awreness vs perception

Brand perception and brand awareness are two crucial aspects of a company’s brand strategy, but there is often a misconception that brand perception is more critical. In reality, brand awareness holds more significance, especially in the initial stages of building a brand.

Brand perception refers to how customers and the market perceive a brand based on their experiences and interactions. It involves factors like trustworthiness, credibility, and reputation. While brand perception is essential in the long run, it becomes relevant only after the brand has achieved a certain level of awareness.

Brand awareness, on the other hand, is the extent to which the target audience is familiar with a brand’s existence. It focuses on making the brand known and recognized among potential customers. Awareness is a fundamental barrier to overcome, especially for new businesses or individuals trying to establish their personal brand. Without sufficient awareness, customers cannot even consider forming a perception about the brand.

An analogy can be drawn from personal experiences. Think of a person in your class whom you may not like due to their loud behavior, but they are unforgettable. This person’s brand awareness is high because they stand out and get noticed. Similarly, in the business world, being memorable and getting noticed is essential for success. A brand that is not remembered or known will not even get the chance for customers to form an opinion about its perception.